Ideus has multiple features and functionalities related with all the services available: IP Telephony, Mail Server, Fax Server, Conferences, Instant Messaging Server, IVR (Interactive voice response / Auto Attendant ) , among others. New features, functionalities and Services are added at the development of new systems.

Ideus solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. Ideus offers both classical PBX functionality and advanced features, and inter-operates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. Ideus offers the advanced features that are often associated with large, high end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs.
Below you will find a detail list of features and functionalities:


ACD Queue – (ACD Automatic Call Distribution)- A system where callers are placed in a holding area until the proper person is available to take the call.  ACD can handle the calls based on a predetermined priority, next available, skills based routing or first in first out, etc.

Auto-Attendant – (IVR – Interactive Voice Response) An auto-attendant is usually what greets your callers and allows them options, depending on who or what department they need to speak with.  With prompts such as “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support and 3 for shipping” it can save resources by directing incoming calls appropriately.  Powerful and intuitive Ideus’s IVR can be configured with a few clicks on your mouse and can be managed to build call flows that enable both on site and off site transfers.

Blast Groups – A group of phones that will all ring simultaneously when a particular number is called.  The first phone that picks up the call, gets the call. (Also known as Ring All or Simultaneous Ring).

Branch Office – Adding one, two or more extensions for a branch office connected with an Internet connection (VoIP) allows users to become part of the main offices dialing plans when simply plugging in an IP-phone.

Call Forwarding – Users can access a Web Control Panel to enable forwarding to other extensions, ring all groups or an external number, such a cell phone.

Call Parking Area – Users get the ability to view which calls are currently parked and drag calls between their extension, their on-hold area, and the parking area.

Call Reports – Report of inbound and outbound calls with duration of call, DID, caller ID (when available), and date and time stamp.  This report is searchable and can be downloaded to a csv file.

Conference Bridge – Allowing callers to access a session or meeting, Ideus connects those callers and uses built in features that announce who is entering and who is leaving and monitor those in conference.  Once bridged together callers can hear and speak to all others or be muted for listening only.

Custom caller IDs
– Easily change the Caller ID name/extension display for a department or an extension.

Intercom – Connect to your premise system for paging and announcements.

Find Me-Follow Me
– Pre-configuring a call to automatically forward if not answered at a particular phone to another phone and even a third phone, such as a cell phone.

Music on Hold
– While on hold callers will hear music, either some of the already pre-configured music choices that come as part of the system or if you have a preference for a recording of your own, upload an MP3 of it and you can have it play.

Name Directory – Delivered including a pre-configured “spell by name” directory, Ideus allows callers to use this feature to call particular employees by keying the first three letters of the parties first or last names.  You get the control of removing names form the directory for those employees that wish to remain more anonymous.

Operator Panel – A web based full featured operator panel including indicators that display when an individual is on the phone or available.

Outlook Integration – Use your Outlook contacts to call them by just clicking on their name.

– Page by groups or individuals, it’s your choice.

Scheduler – Ideus allows you to use times, days or events to set different options, like a different message or an entirely different attendant menu.  You get the flexibility for your business needs.  Setting or creating a schedule is easy with our intuitive web based control panel.

Voicemail – Stored on the server, your messages are available from your phone another phone or from a PC through web based access.  A copy of your Voicemail is also sent instantly via email in a WAV file which can be listened to on your PC.  Multiple mailboxes make it easy to store your messages for later retrieval.

Voicemail to Email– Immediately upon receiving a voicemail you will be sent via email a copy of the message in a .WAV format which can be played right on your PC.

Voicemail Groups
– If you need to send a message to multiple recipients then it becomes easy by creating a Voicemail group.  Build a group and name it and assign it a number, dial that number and leave a message and everyone in that group will get it.

Web Based Control Panel
– Ideus allows for complete control in its intuitive easy to access web portal.  Make changes, set up extensions and turn on or off features with the click of a mouse.  Evolutionary design advances make this control panel one of the best anywhere, a world of difference from traditional cumbersome PBX administration panels.


Features Legacy PBX Other IP PBX Ideus IP PBX
Call transfer Yes Yes Yes
Music in hold Yes Yes Yes
Hunt / Ring groups Yes Yes Yes
Support for analog interfaces (E1/T1/J1) Yes Yes Yes
Caller ID Yes Yes Yes
Multiple trunk support Yes Yes Yes
Support for PIN sets Yes Yes Yes
Incoming and outgoing routes with dial pattern matching Yes Yes Yes
Flexible and configurable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) No Yes Yes
Single Network (It uses your LAN) No Yes Yes
Call security (Encryption and Authentication) No Yes Yes
Remote Maintenance No Yes Yes
Remote Office support No Yes Yes
Remote Extensions through the Internet/ VPN No Yes Yes
Call Parking and call Queuing No Yes Yes
Unified Messaging No Yes Yes
High quality voice No Yes Yes
Conference center with virtual rooms No Yes Yes
Support for SIP/ IAX trunks No Yes Yes
plug their phone anywhere in the office No Yes Yes
Call detail record (CDR) report No Yes Yes
Soft phone Functionality No Yes Yes
Support for video-phones No Optional Yes
Voice Mail No Optional Yes
Interactive Directory Listing No Optional Yes
Voicemail-to-Email functionality No Optional Yes
Call recording No Optional Yes
Integrated echo canceller by software No No Yes
Voice synthesis support (Text-to-Speech) No No Yes
Low cost hardware compatibility No No Yes
Easy Administrative Panels No No Yes
Unlimited Extensions No No Yes
Support for follow-me No No Yes
Inbuilt DHCP server for dynamic IP No No Yes
Support for other telephony devices‎ No No Yes
Web-based operator panels for all users No No Yes
Billing and consumption report No No Yes
Inbuilt mail server No No Yes
Integrated CRM (Customer relationship management) No No Yes
Instant massaging ( IM / Chat massage) No No Yes
Network security system (Inbuilt Firewall system) No No Yes
Backups on a remote FTP server No No Yes