Ideus Firewall and proxy server

Businesses, organizations, and other users in the cyberspace today cannot do without firewall protection. The firewall is outstanding in the protection of computer networks which are the backbone of doing business especially in the handling of data. The internet is awash with many risks and informs the necessity to have a firewall.

Firewalls have been likened to the perimeter fences which offer the first line of protection. A firewall will form part of comprehensive security measures taken to protect data, infrastructure, and business processes. A firewall will inspect data packets to block unwanted and infected data from entering the computer network of a business or organization.

Open source firewalls are found in numerous choices which range from the tiny embedded systems in the broadband wireless routers to the humongous enterprise firewalls. The open source firewalls bring immense benefits especially for the businesses and organizations. These firewall products are cheaper when compared to the expensive commercial products. They have also been proven to be effective and efficient.

A number of businesses spend stupendous amount of money on firewall and VPN hardware and software, add-ons, and yearly licenses. Their choice of the well known brand names considered safe and actually there is nothing wrong with it. The only problem may arise where a business doesn’t have plenty of budget to spend.

The prominent, reliable, and well respected open source firewall products in the market today have a number of good features. These features are; low cost, web based management console, multiple users, networking functionalities and security, power saving ability, ease of configuration and backup plan. We offer high quality and reliable firewall and VPN solutions for all levels of businesses and organizations.

We stand out owing to the fact that all the firewall products we offer are at affordable and competitive prices. It is at the fraction of the price of the regular solutions. We are therefore able to ensure that businesses invest in their security through high quality firewall solutions. No business is so small or too big such that it cannot attract hackers and other security threats.

All businesses have reason to believe and work with us. Our experiences working with open source firewall; helping secure businesses and organizations, cutting cost and meeting all their security needs.